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US Shipping

All shipping is typically USPS Priority. Custom orders are also shipped with priority, but they do have a 1-3 week shipping policy because of my current custom orders. Once the item is ready, it'll be shipped is USPS Priority.

International Shipping

For now, I am offering shipping to Canada only until I can figure out shipping pricing and safety of sending other items to other countries! Shipping to Canada has taken about a week or two to deliver. I charge via pirate ship to get you guys cheaper shipping then the typical USPS pricing.


I do not accept returns or exchanges unfortunately. Now if there is something wrong with your order and it is damaged, feel free to send it back for me to fix OR I can return your money once I have the item back into my hands. Since everything is hand made and I take a lot of time making it, please make sure you know your sizing beforehand! My goal is to make you some rad heirloom jewelry so I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Please contact me if you have any issues!

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